Amazon Celebrates Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary with Mario-themed Boxes

Manga November 06, 13:18 0
Surprise! For a limited time while supplies last, Amazon is sending packages purchased through the E-commerce retailer in Super Mario-themed cardboard boxes! 

Recipients of this officially branded Nintendo packaging will be randomly selected as Amazon fulfills orders made in November 2020. That means a person can order something completely unrelated to Nintendo, like a vacuum cleaner, and it may come in a Super Mario Bros. box. Conversely, even a purchase of a Nintendo Switch game from Amazon does not guarantee getting the coveted anniversary packaging.

Several news outlets have circulated a promotional image of what the boxes look like. Each box is red with various styles of Super Mario Bros. illustrations covering the box.

The box art is part of a collaboration between Amazon and Nintendo to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the lovable gaming franchise. And that’s not the only thing Amazon is doing. The company has set up a page on its domain with a fun timeline of the Super Mario series, highlighting game releases all the way back to 1985. A few of the more recent releases on the timeline like Super Mario Odyssey (2017) and Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. (2020) feature jump buttons to add the products to your Amazon shopping cart.

Amazon’s timeline also provides a jump to Nintendo’s official Mario site where Nintendo account users can take part in “missions” related to Super Mario Bros. The missions range from taking free online quizzes, to making purchases of actual Mario games (Super Mario 3D All-Stars). Completion of these missions give users a chance to enter in sweepstakes for free Super Mario Bros. merchandise. A few of the package rewards are a Nintendo Switch Lite, a Super Mario edition Jenga set, and a Good Smile Super Mario: Mario Nendoroid action figure.

(image source: Amazon)
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