“Azur Lane” Your Eyes Will be Glued to Her Glamorous Body and Dignified Expression! Sirius Becomes a Scale Figure

Figures May 25, 10:17 0
From "Azur Lane" comes the Dido-class light cruiser "Sirius" as a scale figure. Pre-orders are currently available on "AmiAmi" and other shops.

The figure is based on the official illustration of Sirius. Her cute yet dignified expression, glamorous body, the royal maid costume, and her greatsword were all recreated with much care put into the details.

"Azur Lane Sirius 1/8 Complete Figure", which also includes her rigging, and "Azur Lane Sirius Light Equipment ver. 1/8 Complete Figure" are both available for pre-order on "AmiAmi" and other shops.

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