“Butt Detective”, the Child’s Book With Over 9 Million Copies in Circulation, Receives a 3rd Film Adaptation! Released in Summer 2021!

Manga January 07, 11:21 0
"Butt Detective", the child's book with over 9 million copies in circulation, receives a 3rd film adaptation. It has been announced that it will be played as one of the films for "Toei Manga Matsuri", which will be held in summer 2021.

"Butt Detective" is originally a child's book series written and drawn by Troll, published by Poplar. The series has a total of over 9 million copies in circulation.

Its TV anime adaptation has been a regular broadcast on NHK Educational TV since December 2018, and two films have also been released: "Butt Detective The Movie: The Missing Curry Naru Jiken" in 2019 and "Butt Detective The Movie: Tentoumushi Iseki no Nazo" in 2020.

The 3rd "Butt Detective The Movie" will be released as one o the films for "Toei Manga Matsuri", which will be held for the 3rd consecutive year, following 2019 and 2020.

"Butt Detective The Movie" is scheduled to be released in August 2021.

(C) Troll / Poplar (C) 2021 Toei Manga Matsuri Production Committee
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