Cosplayer Enako’s first and last “erotic photobook”!? The collaboration photobook with “BEASTARS” has finally been released

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Cosplayer Enako challenged her first and last "erotic photobook"(!?), which is the collaboration photobook with "BEASTARS", called "Enako X BEASTARS Wild Kick" has finally been released on May 31, 2021.

"Enako X BEASTARS Wild Kick" is based on the erotic photobook, "Wild Kick" toward herbivorous in the animal version of the youth anime, "BEASTARS". This is a powered-up version of "Wild Kick" that is more extreme than the original as it expanded on the idea "There is a carnivorous version of 'Wild Kick'" of the original author, Itagaki Paru.

The photobook will contain Enako's transformation as "Insulted Black Rabbit" that was also used on the cover page, "Wet Rabbit" that will catch any worldly desire with her small body and long ear, "Sexy Purple Wolf", "SM Leopard", and the depiction of Enako by Itagaki "Chameleon". 

"Enako X BEASTARS Wild Kick" is priced at 2,200 JPY (tax included), and it is currently available in the stores.

Also, the digital limited photobook "Enako Beastars" that features all the unused photos of "Wild Kick" has also been released.


When someone asked me to recommend some manga, I will answer with my favorite work "BEASTARS", but I was quite surprised when I received this offer...! This time, I will be featured in a slightly odd photobook based on the erotic photobook "Wild Kick" for the herbivorous from the world of "BEASTARS". I believe this will be my first and last time being involved in an erotic photobook (haha), so please buy it!

Itagaki Paru

The erotic photobook from BEASTARS has finally been recreated in the actual world!! And to think it will feature the top of the cute Hominidae of the mammal, Enako! I can't believe it!

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