Cosplayer Enako will become a “black assaulted bunny”!? The front cover of the collaboration photo album has been revealed

Cosplay April 15, 10:01 0
The front cover of 'Enako X Beastars Wild Kick', a photo album produced in a collaboration between Enako, a cosplayer, and "BEASTARS", whose anime adaptation is very popular as well, has been revealed. To commemorate its release, an online autograph session will be held where Enako appears in a costume featured in the photo album.

"Beastars" is set in a world where anthropomorphic carnivores and herbivores co-exist, and depicts the life of animals who are the students at a boarding school 'Cherryton Academy'. It has won various manga awards, including 'Manga Taisho 2018', and got an anime adaptation.

'Enako X Beastars Wild Kick' is a collaboration cosplay photo album that recreates 'Wild Kick', a pornographic book for herbivores that appears in an episode. The album is a more graphic 'Wild Kick' than the original one, based on the original writer Itagaki Paru's idea that 'there is a "Wild Kick" for carnivores'.

The album is full of an Enako that has never been seen before, such as an assaulted black bunny on the front cover, a wet bunny that catches any sexual desire with her tiny body and long ears, sexy purple wolf, an SM panther, and others.

'Enako X Beastars Wild Kick' is priced at 2,200 JPY (including tax), and will be released on May 31. The online autograph session will be held on June 5, and reservations are open until 11:59 p.m. on April 20.


'I was so surprised when I got an offer since I like "Beasters" so much that I would answer "Beasters" if I were asked some manga I would recommend...! The story is set in an animal world, so I was worried about how to apply myself as a human. I put on heavier make-up and a wig.

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