Drama “Laid-Back Camp△ Special” will be aired in March 2021! Season 2 will start in April.

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"Laid-Back Camp△" aired on TV Tokyo in January 2020 with Fukuhara Haruka in the lead role. The special will be aired on March 29, 2021 at 23:06. "Laid-Back Camp△2", which follows on from Season 1 and the special, will start airing on April 1.

The original story of "Laid-Back Camp△" is a comic by Afro that is being serialized on the manga app "COMIC FUZ".

It has been well received by viewers as "the relaxed camping life of the girls is soothing" and by fans of the original work for "faithfulness to the original work", and it has been announced that the cast will continue into the second season.

The "Laid-Back Camp△ Special" to be aired on March 29 will depict how Rin (Fukuhara Haruka), Nadeshiko (Oohara Yuno) and the others will spend their New Year's holidays after their Christmas camping trip in Season 1.

The theme song will be sung by LONGMAN, the same as in the first season. The title of the song is "Hello Youth" and it is a bright pop song that will make you want to go camping.

LONGMAN's Ba/Vo Sawa also commented on the song. "Laid-Back Camp△ Special" will be aired on March 29 at 23:06 on TV Tokyo.

LONGMAN Ba/Vo Sawa Comment

We are so happy that our song "Hello Youth" has been chosen for "Laid-Back Camp△2" and that we will be in charge of the second season following the first season! I think this song is not only fun but also heartbreaking, and I think it will be a good match for "Laid-Back Camp△". I hope you'll enjoy LONGMAN's "Hello Youth" along with this drama!

As in season 1, we will be filming this drama as faithfully as possible to the original comic, with special attention paid to the locations. Watching the drama will make you want to go camping. Even if you don't go, you will feel like you have. The spectacular scenery depicted in the original comic will be delivered to you in the form of actual footage. It is a new kind of relaxed camping drama that depicts the charm of camping and the relaxed daily lives of high school girls who enjoy camping. Please enjoy the changes in the relationship between Rin and the four girls over the course of Season 1, the unchanging relaxed camping at the new campsite, and the dusty daily lives of the five girls.

(C) Drama "Laid-Back Camp△" Production Committee

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