From “Dragon Ball Super”, “Goku Black – Super Saiyan Rose -” has been released in S.H.Figuarts!

Figures March 11, 10:20 0
"Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rose -" from "Dragon Ball Super" has been released in S.H.Figuarts, and will be available in stores from August 2021.

This figure is inspired by Goku Black from "Dragon Ball Super" as "Super Saiyan Rose" in pink energy.

It comes with three interchangeable parts: "a grinning face", "a clenching face" and "a shouting face". Replacement wrist parts will be also included.

"S.H.Figuarts Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rose -" will be priced at 3,850 JPY (tax included). It will be on sale from August 2021.

(C) Bird Studio/Shueisha, Fuji Television Network, Toei Animation

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