From ”Re:Zero” Rem’s 1/7th Figure that reproduces one scene from her private life has been going on resale… Check out her in a loungewear!

Figures March 24, 09:53 0
It has been decided that the "Rem Birthday Cake Ver. 1/7th Scale Figure" from "Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World" will be reproduced. Pre-orders have been available at Dengekiya, Kadokawa Store, Ebiten and other stores from March 12.

The "Rem Birthday Cake Ver. 1/7th Scale Figure" is an item that was made into a figure based on a newly drawn illustration from the "Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Rem's Birthday Life 2017" event held in February 2017.

The faintness and gentleness of the illustration have been made into a figure sculpted with a delicate and soft modeling expression. You can enjoy the relaxed and private pose of Rem in her loungewear, smiling as she holds her birthday cake.

This item is a reproduction of a previous collaborative figure project between KADOKAWA and Good Smile Company.

It is priced at 14,056 JPY (tax included). The deadline for pre-orders is May 12. The product is scheduled to be shipped in January 2022.

(C) Tatsuhei Nagatsuki, published by KADOKAWA Inc. / Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Production Committee

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