“I have never seen Enako like this before” The cover of “GIRLS graph. 002” has been revealed! First photo session with Nakamura Kazutaka

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Cosplayer Enako will appear on the cover of the of the gravure project "GIRLS graph. 002" (Release date: April 15, 2021), making this her second appearance in a row. The cover photo overflowing with the charms of her "bare face" from her first photo session with the top photographer Nakamura Kazutaka, has been revealed in advance.

The cover page of the magazine "GIRLS graph." was taken by the photographer Nakamura Kazutaka, known for "Shiraishi Mai Photo Album: Passport", "Ikuta Erika Photo Album: Intermission", and others.

The natural beauty bare face and the sexy appearance that gives of a different image, even the staff and affiliated personnel were struck with admiration as they mentioned "I have never seen Enako like this before".

Enako commented, "I am so happy that my dream of having my photo, with almost no make-up, taken by Nakamura Kazutaka has come true! Do have a close look at it!".

Other than the 20-page starting article on Enako, the popular beauty Shinozaki Kokoro will be featured in a 14-page long article. Gravure photos of Amatsu Marina, who is famous as the 2.5D model can also be found in the magazine.

"GIRLS graph. 002" is priced at 1,485 JPY (tax included) and will be released on April 15, 2021.

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