I'm Standing on a Million Lives - Episode 3 Recap

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In a flashback scene from the game world, the three party members find a log point that shows Iu getting very emotional about her connection to Kusue. Back in the present, Iu happily muses over getting to know Yusuke more.

While on a run, the Game Master contacts Yusuke on his phone and gives him a new task related to the next quest - he has to hit on a girl named Yuka Tokitate! Game Master directs Yusuke to Yuka’s location, which is a girl’s bathroom at school. Yusuke enters the bathroom only to find three girls are bullying Yuka. Realizing the tough situation she is in and wanting to look cool to her, Yusuke snatches and breaks the three girls’ phones. But instead of feeling grateful or enamored towards Yusuke, Yuka is weirded out by him. She suggests that he try playing an idol game to learn how to act cool. Overall, Yusuke is oblivious to how poorly their first meeting went.

Soon after, the party is transported back to the game world. This time, Yuka is transported as well! Game Master makes her the fourth member and gives her the random class of fire wizard. The situation is a bit too much for Yuka to take in and she suspects her presence there is Yusuke’s doing. She tells Iu and Kusue about her suspicions that he’s some kind of pervert. Yusuke denies this but hardly feels support from the two girls.

While working on the quest, Yuka is impressed by Iu’s confidence. Iu reminds her of a magical girl character she likes named Purple. Suddenly, a giant centipede attacks the party. The centipede throws large pill bugs that kill on contact.

One after the other, party members start dying. While Yusuke analyzes the centipede for a weakness, Yuka tries her best to use fire magic. However, rank 1 proves too weak to do anything useful and she dies. In the middle of the fight, Yusuke finally realizes that Yuka didn’t like him when they first met despite his best efforts. This irritates Yusuke, taking his frustrations out on the centipede. Both Iu and Yuka see Yusuke fight and are impressed with his strength and courage.

Yusuke is able to attach himself to the centipede’s blindspot and cuts off its legs. With the monster bug unable to move, Yusuke tests out a theory. He learns that he can hold Kusue’s hands as she holds her sword. Together, they use it to destroy the bug.

That night, Iu has a dream in which she remembers her difficult past. She recalls an older girl named Sayuri who was kind to her. Sayuri died somehow, and Iu’s awful father said it was because of her ugly face. Iu wakes up and finds Yusuke awake as well. As the episode ends, Iu takes his hand and asks for his help.

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