I'm Standing on a Million Lives - Episode 5 Recap

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Kusue laments getting poor scores in PE class due to her physical condition. After the scary incident with the bandits, she realizes she is holding the team back with her physical weakness. She may die or lead to the death of her team.

The party stops during their travel to Radodorbo to camp and eat. Yusuke uses his chef skills to cook for everyone. Kusue tells Iu that she wants to get stronger to protect the team but currently can’t even protect herself. Suddenly, Kahvel says they all should sword train. The whole team is mortified since Kahvel loves the feeling of cutting living flesh.

Kusue takes her turn for training and is easily beaten by Kahvel. Kusue can’t even lift her sword. A couple of Kahvel’s soldiers come back to the camp, and one of them has been injured in a fight with goblins. Yusuke is able to heal the wound. After this, Kusue realizes she needs to increase her experience points if she hopes to protect others, meaning she needs to fight and win. The next day, she takes part in training again and improves a little bit.

Back on the journey, the group runs into goblins. The heroes decide to take on the goblins as a way to increase their points. Everyone is able to kill goblins, including Kusue. The act of killing, however, makes Kusue cry. And she apologizes to the dying goblin. Later, as the team camps around a fire, Kahvel explains her freaky love of cutting flesh.

The next day, the team’s wagon wheel gets stuck in a hole. The team works together to get out of the hole and continue on. Yusuke notes that they only have 15 days left to make it to their destination in time, cutting it close. Suddenly, the team sees a caravan in the distance being attacked by monsters. Kusue wants to help them, but Yusuke thinks they don’t have time to help. Kusue says she will go and help alone instead, if necessary.

Then Yusuke considers that this might be an event by Game Master. So the team decides to help the caravan - Yusuke and Kusue go to help while the rest of the party continue riding towards Radodorbo. Unfortunately, the two are easily killed by the monsters.

Kusue won’t give up. She’s determined to beat the monsters. She resurrects and unleashes her long sword in the last moment to take out one of the monsters, a successful technique. 

The caravan thanks the heroes for saving them but reveals that they are on the way to Radodorbo with criminals to execute them. One of the criminals is a child. The team thinks these criminals may be “the goods” they are supposed to get to Radodorbo, but it’s a moral dilemma.

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