Inuyasha's Sesshomaru Becomes a Nendoroid

Manga November 19, 23:10 0
The Inuyasha series fan favorite, Sesshomaru, is up for pre-order as a posable Nendoroid figure! Anime fans will easily remember Sesshomaru from the classic 2000’s anime as the half-brother of main protagonist, Inuyasha. The two often fought one another but were at times reluctant allies.

Unlike Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is a full-blooded demon and wears a white outfit befitting a daiyokai! The Sesshomaru Nendoroid comes with three well-known swords - Tokijin, Bakusaiga, and Tenseiga!

Like most Nendoroid, Sesshomaru comes with multiple hand and arm types to recreate all kinds of poses. But one special hand type to note is a hand with a green glow, denoting his Poison Claw Attack. Sesshomaru used this attack on Inuyasha early in the series, which was nearly lethal!

Also included in the set are three face types for Sesshomaru to wear. All three faces look serious and distant. One of them really captures his arrogant side!

With the release of the Inuyasha series sequel, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, out this season, it’s the perfect time for fans new and old to pick up this figure of Sesshomaru! Sesshomaru even appears in the new series!

The figure is expected to be released in June 2021. It retails at about 4,800 yen. 

(image source: Amazon)
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