Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 1 Recap

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Jujutsu Kaisen has begun airing this Fall 2020 anime season, and it has all the makings of a great action-packed, shounen drama. The first episode opens with main character Yuji Itadori waking up in shackles, surrounded by strange seals. Itadori’s greeted by a mysterious white haired young man named Satoru Goujo. Goujo is interrogating Itadori for reasons yet to be revealed to us. He also tells Itadori he’ll be executed soon.

After that intriguing intro, the show rewinds time a bit. How far back, we’re not sure, but we see Itadori is in his home on the phone with a nurse, checking on his bedridden grandfather. Gramps loudly orders Itadori to go to his school club activities.

The scene shifts again and introduces us to another young man named Megumi Fushiguro. He’s tasked with finding a “cursed object,” but he discovers it’s not where it should be. Which is bad news.

Doing as his grandfather instructed, Itadori is at school with his two fellow Occult Club members, messing around in their activity room. The student council president says the club must forfeit the room, as Itadori is not officially a part of its numbers. And he’s not a part of it’s numbers because his coach, Takagi, registered him for Track and Field instead without his consent. Takagi then challenges Itadori to a shotput match, stating that he’ll let Itadori stay in the Occult Club if he wins.

Fushiguro just happens to be investigating the school’s field, where he spots a curse demon lurking about. This means the special-grade cursed object he’s tracking down must be close. Fushiguro sees Itadori for the first time just as he totally demolishes his coach in shotput. Fushiguro senses the aura of the cursed object on Itadori, but Itadori runs off to visit his gramps before Fushiguro can catch him.

At the hospital, Itadori’s grandfather gives him some final words of wisdom, telling Itadori to help others in need. He then passes away. Before Itadori can grieve, Fushiguro introduces himself, demanding Itadori’s cursed object. He explains that these objects protect against other cursed spirits that kill human beings, at least for a time. Turns out that Itadori was only carrying the case that held the cursed object, and the object itself is back at school in the hands of his Occult Club friends, meaning their lives are in danger! We see a demon about to eat them whole.

Itadori and Fushiguro race back to school just in time. Fushiguro warns Itadori to stay back from this dangerous situation, but being the helpful friend he is, Itadori jumps in to save the day. The two defeat the demon but a much larger one pops out of nowhere. As the demon is about to kill Itadori, he eats the cursed object to become more powerful. The desperate play works, but leaves Itadori possessed by a violent spirit named Sukuna. Sukuna and Itadori wrestle for control of Itadori’s body and Fushiguro exclaims Itadori must now be exorcised!

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