Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 2 Recap

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Because Itadori was possessed by the evil curse Sukuna in the previous episode, Fushiguro readies himself to kill Itadori.  Itadori promises that he’s alright and in control, however. Gojo appears suddenly to check on Fushiguro and learns what just transpired.

Gojo orders Itadori to let Sukuna take control for ten seconds. In this time, he expertly counters Sukuna’s every move. Itadori returns, proving he indeed is able to control Sukuna. Gojo then knocks out Itadori, who awakens tied up in the seal room seen at the beginning of the series. Gojo explains that Itadori will eventually need to be executed for having Sukuna inside him, but he can continue to live for a while as a vessel of Sukuna’s cursed objects. Jujutsu Tech has six of Sukuna’s twenty figures and wants Itadori’s help to find and consume the remaining ones.

Later, Itadori checks on Iguchi-senpai, who is unconscious in the hospital after nearly dying the night before. Itadori apologizes to Sasaki-senpai for the incident and says farewell.

While picking up the ashes of his grandfather, Gojo explains to Itadori that curses kill people often and in horrible ways. On the hunt for Sukuna, Itadori will see many gruesome things and may even die. Still, Itadori believes he must help find Sukuna and save lives since his grandpa’s dying wish was that he help others. He eats the second Sukuna finger that Gojo has in his possession, and Sukuna activates briefly but is again subdued. After this, it’s decided that Itadori will transfer to Jujutsu Tech in Tokyo.

At Jujutsu Tech, Gojo gives Itadori a brief tour of the grounds and provides more background about Sukuna. Sukuna was a human that transformed into a god a thousand years ago. He was so powerful that no sorcerer could defeat him. Even in death, Sukuna could not be destroyed, making him the king of curses. Itadori is the only person in a thousand years who has ever been able to hold Sukuna.

Itadori then meets the school principal, Masagichi Yaga. Yaga, who is in the middle of making dolls, asks Itadori why he wants to join Jujutsu Tech and save people from curses. As Yaga pushes for an answer, he manipulates one of his dolls to continue attacking Itadori.

Itadori explains that his grandfather would want him to help, but that answer doesn’t satisfy the principal. Yaga doesn’t want Itadori to blame his grandfather if he ends up dying on the job or having to do grisly things. That kind of regret can end up creating a new curse.

Finally, Itadori realizes that he is doing this because only he has the power to, and he couldn’t live with himself if people died due to his inaction. This satisfies Yaga. Now accepted into the school, Gojo shows him his dorm room, which is right next to Fushiguro’s. The end of the episode shows the last first year student, Nobara Kugisaki, riding on a train for Jujutsu Tech.

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