Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 4 Recap

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The three first-year students are in front of the detention center being briefed on dealing with the cursed womb previewed in the previous episode. Ijichi Kiyotaka, Jujutsu Tech’s assistant director, warns that this curse may be able to transform into special grade level. That would be beyond the team’s power, so in that scenario they can only run or die. A woman begs to go into the detention center because her son named Tadashi is one of the few still in there, but she’s told it’s too dangerous. Itadori wants to save him and the other humans.

The three enter the building with Fushiguro’s white Shikigami dog scouting for any curses coming within their proximity. The inside of the building has transformed into a massive dungeon called an Innate Domain, due to cursed energy. The team finds the bodies of three detainees brutally destroyed, including Tadashi’s. 

Itadori wants to bring the body out to his mother so that she can mourn but Fushiguro disagrees. As they argue about it, Kugisaki sinks into the floor and disappears! Fushiguro notices that his dog has been killed! He doesn’t even get a moment to mention this before the cursed womb stands in front of them.

Itadori moves to attack the cursed womb but gets his hand cut off! Sukuna denies Itadori’s request for help in the fight, vowing instead to kill Fushiguro and Kugisaki if Itadori unleashes him. Consequently, Itadori orders Fushiguro to run and save Kugisaki so that the two can get to safety before he releases Sukuna. 

Kugisaki had fended off multiple curses for as long as she could but was on the brink of being eaten. Saved by Fushiguro just in the nick of time, he and Kugisaki evacuate the building. Meanwhile, Itadori does his best to fight the cursed womb and buy them precious seconds but is easily defeated and further mutilated. He fears he’s about to die, but then he unleashes Sukuna at the last possible moment. 

Sukuna wants to kill the first years outside and tells the cursed womb to join him, but the curse womb rejects the offer and begins attacking Sukuna. The cursed womb’s power pales in comparison to Sukuna’s. After healing Itadori’s injuries, Sukuna destroys the monster easily with a technique called Malevolent Shrine. He then takes the Sukuna finger that the cursed womb was holding. At this point, Sukuna is ready to relinquish Itadori’s body back to him, but this doesn’t happen for some reason,  causing Sukuna to smile. 

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