Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 5 Recap

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Fushiguro senses that the special-grade curse is dead, but it’s no time for celebration. Before he can react, Sukuna in Itadori’s body appears behind him. Sukuna explains that Itadori is having trouble getting back in control of his body.

Sukuna then rips out Itadori’s heart and tosses it aside like garbage, vowing to take the body hostage! Sukuna’s power allows him to live without a heart, but Itadori doesn’t have that ability. This means Itadori getting back in control of his body would kill him. Then Sukuna eats the finger he took from the cursed womb in the previous episode, increasing his already frightening strength.

Fushiguro tells Sukuna that Itadori will come back even if it means his own death. Sukuna disagrees, pointing out how Itadori was afraid to be killed by the cursed womb just moments ago. Fushiguro notices Itadori’s arm is completely healed. He plans to weaken Sukuna enough to force the curse to heal Itadori’s heart before Itadori comes back.

Fushiguro begins his attack on Sukuna with the aid of his flying Shikigami, and even summons his snake Shikigami, Orochi. But they prove to be no match against Sukuna. Sukuna tells Fushiguro that he knows what he’s trying to do about Itadori’s heart, and that it won’t work.

At that moment, Fushiguro remembers someone special to him named Tsumiki who suffered unfairly in the past. This motivates him to give it his all to balance the scales of fairness, and to do so by saving people. As he’s about to unleash his trump card against Sukuna, Itadori takes control of his own body. The fight is over, the two say goodbye to one another, and Itadori dies.

The next day, four curses are introduced. They’re intelligent creatures, and they were actually the masterminds who gave the Sukuna finger to the cursed womb. This was all a test to learn more about Sukuna. The curses want to conquer humans, but one of the curses, Mahito, advises them that first they must take Satoru Gojou off the board. Second, they must get Sukuna/Itadori on their side. The other curses don’t understand this since Itadori just died, but Mahito thinks there’s still a way.

Meanwhile, at Jujutsu Tech, everyone is lamenting Itadori’s death. Fushiguro introduces Kusigaki to the second-years - Zenin, Inumaki, and Panda. The second-years invite the first-years to join them in a fighting tournament against their sister school in Kyoto. Kugisaki and Fushiguro agree to join in.

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