Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 7 Recap

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Jougo ambushes Gojou on a secluded road. Jougo is able to hit Gojou with some powerful attacks, but he is surprised to see Gojou is unscathed by them. In his head, Gojou notices that Jougo is an unregistered special-grade curse that’s more powerful than the current Sukuna, but this knowledge doesn’t scare him. It’s unusual for special-grade curses to appear so often in a short amount of time, and Gojou decides that he wants to capture Jougo for information.

Gojou goes on the offensive and introduces Jougo to his mysterious technique, Infinity. It proves insanely effective against Jougo. Gojou’s speed is also too much for Jougo to keep up with.

Suddenly, Gojou warps to Itadori, who is still watching movies as training. Gojou wants Itadori to see his fight with Jogou as an extracurricular lesson. The two warp back to Jogou’s location. Itadori is terrified by how powerful Jougo is, but his sensei tells him not to worry. Jougo calls Gojou foolish for endangering another human with their battle, but Gojou replies that it’s not a problem. He then calls Jougo weak to his face, which angers the cursed spirit. Jougo creates his Innate Domain around them, Coffin of the Iron Mountain. 

Gojou explains to Itadori that Innate Domains are imbued with cursed techniques, and attacks by a Domain’s creator always hit those trapped in it. One way to really counter this kind of attack is to create an Innate Domain yourself that is even more powerful. Gojou-sensei does just that. He takes off his blindfold, revealing glowing eyes, and creates his Domain called Infinite Void. It swallows up Jougo who is powerless to stop it. 

Gojou removes Jougo’s head from his body, but Jougo survives because he hasn’t been exorcised yet. Unable to move without a body, Gojou starts to torture Jogou for information. But the other cursed spirit, Hanami, steps in and saves Jogou’s head. Gojou, busy rescuing Itadori from Hanami’s attack, is unable to stop Hanami’s and Jogou’s escape. Gojou then tells Itadori that his new goal is to become more powerful than Jogou.

Elsewhere, the Principal is angered that Gojou is once again late.

And somewhere else, on a beach, Geto, Mahito, Jougo and Hanami meet again to confirm their plan to seal Gojou.

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