“Kinnikuman” Soldier, the maniacal “cape” figure of “Kinnikuman” has arrived! The “Reverend figure” is also a real figure for the first time

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From 'Kinnikuman' comes a figure of the Kinnikuman Soldier in both a cape and a reverend's outfit. The figure will be available for pre-order on SpiceSeed's official website from December 18, 2020, and general pre-orders will begin on December 19th.

The "Kinnikuman Soldier Cloak ver." has a dual structure of the mask, which has not been expressed in conventional Kinnikuman Soldier figures. The collar and the scratches on the arms, the angle of the S-stance, and the fine changes in the shape of the figure are all carefully expressed, making it a masterpiece of mania that will satisfy even the most hardcore fans.

The 'Kinnikuman Soldier Reverend ver.' is the first real figure of the Kinnikuman Soldier in its 'Reverend' form.

The figure is not a mere variation of the 'cape ver.', and was created from scratch without appropriating an actual prototype.

The leg openings have also been changed from the "cape ver." to give it a more of a "reverend" expression.

The price of "Kinnikuman Soldier Cloak ver." is 59,800 JPY (excluding tax), "Kinnikuman Soldier Pastor ver." is 49,800 JPY (excluding tax), and the set of both figures is 99,800 JPY (excluding tax).

On the official SpiceSeed website, priority reservations will begin on December 18, 2020, and general reservations will begin on December 19, 2020.

In addition, 'SpiceSeed Muscle Festival' will be held from December 18 to 20, and 'Kinnikuman Super Phoenix' will be re-released.

(C) YUDETAMAGO and Toei Animation

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