“Kinnikuman” The figure of “Kinnikuman Soldier” from “Scramble for the Throne Arc” has been announced! The bloodcurdling final scene can be recreated

The creator and seller of Kinnikuman's figure will be holding the "SpiceSeed Kinnikuman Summer Fest" featuring the sale of various Kinnikuman figures, including "Kinnikuman Soldier -Scramble for the Throne ver.", on August 6- 7, 2021.

The battle between Team Soldier against Team Phoenix is a profound story in the "Scramble for the Throne Arc" of "Kinnikuman". The appearance of Kinnikuman Soldier, who made it to the final that you might have supported for when you are young, has been made into a figure.

Fixation was put on the mask and eye of the head portion and the volume of the body structure and trapezius muscle as it is pursuing the dignity of Kinnikuman Soldier. Also, even the wound from Mammothman on his chest was recreated.

Other than Kinnikuman Soldier, the other new products are Kinnikuman Muscle Short's Five Fated Princes (Metallic Mantle ver.), and Goldman & Silverman from NSC Series. The re-sale of the popular product, Mammothman will also be available.

"Kinnikuman Soldier -Scramble for the Throne ver." is priced at 21,780 JPY (tax included). Also, "SpiceSeed Kinnikuman Summer Fest" will be held on August 6- 7, 2021, so don't miss out on this.

(C) Yudetamago, Toei Animation

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