“Manga Flip”, a manga app for overseas fans, has been released. Free distribution of original works in English

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Amazia Co., Ltd. has released the manga app "Manga Flip" for overseas fans as the second service. The English translation version of the original manga will be distributed for free on this app.

Amazia Co., Ltd. started the manga app business in October 2012 and has grown rapidly since the launch of the "Manga BANG!" service in November 2014.

Furthermore, in October 2020, they released "Tokyo Anime News," an English news website about anime and manga, as the first service aimed at acquiring overseas users who like Japanese manga and anime.

Through both "Tokyo Anime News" and the newly released "Manga Flip" , they aim to create an environment for reading Japanese manga in the regular version and make it a habit, and conduct marketing to explore the possibilities of manga services in the United States and English-speaking countries. While tries and errors of the monetization method will continue, the company aims to develop a billing revenue model such as subscriptions in the future.

[App name] "Manga Flip"

[Details] Free distribution app for the English translation of the original manga

[Revenue model] Advertising revenue

* For users in the US and English-speaking countries.

Areas other than China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong are set.

(Download from the above country and region app stores is not possible)

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