Mizuki Nana has gone missing! “7 Day Mystery: The Disappearance of Mizuki Nana”, audio content to solve the mystery, is now available!

Misc October 07, 17:36 0
Linked to TOKYO FM's "Mizuki Nana's World of M", the special program "7 Day Mystery: The Disappearance of Mizuki Nana" will be available on the new audio service "AuDee".

"7 Day Mystery: The Disappearance of Mizuki Nana" is a new kind of 'mystery solving audio content' in which listeners search for Mizuki Nana, who ran away, by themselves using the audio information left behind.

By listening to the emergency meeting of the "M's World" staff on "AuDee", you can feel as if you are searching for Mizuki Nana together with them. In the meetings, which are streamed every day, clues to solve the mystery and new mysteries are revealed by additional audio from the staff. Discussions progress as the opinions and insights of listeners are collected on social media, and the mystery is gradually solved.

The cast will include Mizuki Nana,  Nagumo Daisuke, who plays the role of Omori Menzaburo in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens", and  Miyashita Saki, who has appeared in "After School Dice Club".

The key to the case will also be in "Mizuki Nana's World of M" which will air on Sep. 28. The emergency meetings are being streamed daily on 'AuDee' starting from Sep.r 29.

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