“Mobile Suit Z Gundam” Baund Doc (Gates Capa’s exclusive machine), Gunpla! Thoroughly reproduce the transformation gimmick to MA!

Figures June 25, 08:52 0
From "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", the Baund Doc (Gates Capa's exclusive machine) has been made into a Gunpla in the HG series. Currently, it is available for pre-order at Premium Bandai.

This product “HG 1/144 Baund Doc (Gates Capa’s exclusive machine)” is a three-dimensional version of the Baund Doc that Captain Gates Capa piloted.

The distinctive gray fuselage color is reproduced in molded colors, and the characteristic skirt structure stands out due to the calculated parts configuration and color coding.

As well as that, pay attention to the thorough reproduction of the gimmick of transformation into MS form and MA form.

The price of "HG 1/144 Baund Doc (Gates Capa’s exclusive machine)" is 5,500 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently being accepted at Premium Bandai, and the product is scheduled to be shipped in January 2022.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise

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