“My Hero Academia” First Original Illustration Exhibition Will Be Held in Tokyo and Osaka in 2021! The Key Visual by Horikoshi Kouhei Was Released

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It has been decided that the first "My Hero Academia" original illustration exhibition will be held in Tokyo in Spring 2021, and in Osaka in Summer 2021. Along with it this announcement, the key visual for the exhibition drawn by the original author Horikoshi Kouhei was revealed.

"My Hero Academia" is a classic hero action manga serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" by Horikoshi Kouhei since 2014. The series has 2.8 million copies of the comics in circulation (as of October 2020) and is popular not only in Japan but also worldwide.

The visual features a total of 24 characters, including Deku and the students of U.A. High School Department of Heroes Class 1-A with their homeroom teacher, "Eraser Head", the old and new No. 1 heroes: "All Might" and "Endeavor", and the No. 2 hero, "Hawks".

Comments from Horikoshi Kouhei, who drew the key visual, have also been revealed.

At the exhibition, there will be impressive handwritten manuscripts by Horikoshi Kouhei on display, along with 3D exhibits and videos that will let you enjoy the world of "My Hero Academia" even deeper. There will also be storyboards and images from "Studio Bones", the studio that handles the animation of the series.

In addition, there will be various original goods on sale, designed according to the key visual of the exhibition.

"My Hero Academia Exhibition DRAWING SMASH" will be held in Tokyo from April 23, 2021, and in Osaka from July 16, 2021.

Comment from Horokoshi Kouhei

I never thought I would be able to have my own exhibition, so when I heard about it from my editor in charge, the anxiety gave me a stomachache. I'm creating many things in order not to let the visitors down!

(C) Horikoshi Kouhei / Shueisha
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