Noblesse - Episode 2 Recap

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The two young looking white-haired characters from the end of the last episode investigate the crime scene where M-21 fought Jake and Mari. They realize some super humans must be responsible for the fight and continue to follow the lead. The next morning, the two enter Franken’s school wearing school uniforms. They order M-21 to show them to the school’s leader. Upon meeting them, both M-21 and Franken realize they are not normal humans. Franken notices that the white-haired male has an aura similar to his master’s.

After enrolling in the school, the two introduce themselves as new students in Rai’s class - Regis K. Landegre and Seira J. Loyard. Manabu seems instantly attracted to Seira while Yusuke is ordered to help them get situated, as they are foreigners like Rai. Regis and Seira notice Rai’s special aura.

At lunch, Yusuke helps Regis and Seira with their meals. Regis claims he needs no help with chopsticks but has trouble using them. Seeing Manabu’s interest in Seira, Yusuke secretly requests Rai’s help to play cupid after school.

On the drive home from school, M-21 and Franken discuss the new students. M-21 is wary of them, but Franken says that Rai wants to learn their motives. M-21 then reveals he is aware of Noblesse but does not know many details other than that they are more powerful than Union’s experiments. 

Franken explains that humans were powerless during the dawn of civilization, and immensely powerful beings appeared. Humans saw these powerful beings as their leaders and called them nobles. Nobles see humans as inferior and weak creatures, and it is their duty to protect them. M-21 doesn’t agree with this outlook on humanity. Arriving at home, M-21 and Franken are surprised to see that Rai has allowed guests over - Manabu, Yusuke, Regis and Seira! Then Yusuke suggests Regis and Seira live at Rai’s home, and Rai agrees to it, much to Franken’s dismay! Meanwhile, Regis tells Seira that he suspects M-21 is the coffin thief.

After school, Regis confronts M-21 about these suspicions privately and tells Franken that he wants to take back the stolen coffin. Regis says it’s a power too great for humans. The two men begin to fight. At the same time, Yusuke and the others are cornered by the same thugs from the last episode. Seira lets Regis know the situation telepathically, forcing Regis and M-21 to end their fight and rush over to help.

M-21 and Regis arrive at the scene, but Yusuke proves tough enough to take on most of the thugs by himself. M-21 points out to Regis that humans aren’t as weak as they once were and can handle themselves now. Walking home, Regis and M-21 come to a peaceful understanding.

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