Noblesse - Episode 3 Recap

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The episode begins with Regis and M-21 arguing over dinner. Regis is still under the impression that his mind control powers work on Franken. Regis also attempts to control Rai’s mind, but Rai’s expression is so stone-cold that he can’t tell if it’s working or not.

Meanwhile, the professional killers from Union have a meeting in the building where M-21’s battle with Jake and Mari took place. Tao is hacking local police databases to gain intel. Assuming Jake and Mari are still alive, Kranz orders the team to hunt for them.

The next day in class, Yusuke notices Manabu being chummy with Regis. Yusuke begins to wonder if Manabu is more into boys than girls. Regis then notices M-21 walking past the classroom. Believing that M-21 is spying,  Regis and Seira meet privately with M-21 on the school’s roof to tell him to stop. M-21 denies spying on him, mentioning that it’s his job as a guard to monitor the school grounds. He goes on to warn Regis not to be out late at night because he looks like a child.

Yusuke is at his place with Manabu when Yusuke complains about being hungry. Manabu wants to eat as well but is busy helping his uncle who is a police officer - Manabu needs to work on his uncle’s security protocols online. 

Suddenly, Manabu notices someone has breached the police security. It’s Tao! The two compete in a hack-off! Yusuke comes into the room and trips on the laptop’s power cord, abruptly cutting the connection between the two. Tao ceases his viral attack and direct messages Manabu to inquire about the sudden stop. But Manabu is away from his computer making a call when this happens, leaving Yusuke pretending to be Manabu in the DM instead. Again, Yusuke misreads the situation and thinks Manabu is flirting with boys online.

Back on the hunt, Tao notifies Union that hacked surveillance footage has revealed sightings of M-21 but not Jake, Mari, or M-24. Hammer and Shark are ordered to go after M-21.

At Rai’s place, M-21 and Regis are bickering as usual. Regis asks why M-21 is staying there, and M-21 simply says it’s to keep a promise to a friend (M-24). Annoyed with their mess, Franken orders them to clean. Regis begins to do so but realizes Rai isn’t helping clean as well and claims this is unfair. Rai starts to clean, too, mortifying Franken.

The following day at school, Franken pays M-21 for his guard work. M-21 begins to feel like a normal human. Walking home, he is intercepted by Hammer and Shark. The two order him to come with them. M-21 refuses and they begin to fight. Regis and Seira coincidentally show up at the scene, followed shortly by Kranz.

Regis is about to join the fight when M-21 orders him not to (in order to protect Regis and Seira). M-21 complies with Union, and he leaves with them quietly. This furthers Regis’ suspicions about M-21’s motives and allegiances.

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