Noblesse - Episode 4 Recap

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Tao and Manabu run into each other again online via the police department’s security system. They take part in another competitive hack-off and appear to be having fun. Tao learns Manabu is a high school student and thinks about meeting in person.

Meanwhile, Regis and Seira return home. They mention that M-21 went with his old compatriots, Union, which put Regis in a bad mood. Franken is concerned with the possibility that M-21 has been a double agent gaining information for Union this whole time.

The next day, Union tortures M-21, pumping him for the information they seek. M-21 secretly realizes Union doesn’t know that he has defected or what’s happened with the coffin. Shark is the most aggressive against M-21, but Takio goes easy on him. M-21 negotiates with Cranz, promising to give them the information they want if Tao hacks Union’s databases to share info with him about M-21’s comrades.

Soon after on the roof, Tao tells Takio that he’s different from the others. Takio says it’s because of his sister.

Back at school, Manabu wonders where M-21 is since he’s been gone a few days. Regis says he simply left. Yusuke and Manabu offer to visit Regis’ place again to cheer him up. As they plan for the visit, Manabu gets a text from Tao to meet up in person.

The following day, we see Seira and Yusuke with some snacks for the get-together walking down the street. They run into Takio who is being mugged in an alley. Takio pretends to be weak and Yusuke saves him from the muggers. The three go on a friendly walk together and get to know each other. 

At the same time, Tao is having coffee with Manabu. Manabu is initially on guard since Tao attacked the police’s security. Tao reveals he’s been lonely not finding others like him. They soon become friends talking about hacking techniques. They find things in common, and Manabu asks Tao to be his aneki.

Later, Tao is on the roof with Takio. Tao offers to find out what happened to Takio’s sister. Takio is surprised by this kindness but doesn’t reject it.

Shark and Hammer continue to torture M-21, but M-21 refuses to leak anything without getting what he wants. Takio arrives to stop Shark from going further. This pisses Shark off, so he tells Takio that he killed the women and children that Takio left alive in past missions. Takio points his gun at Shark for this, but Tao stops him.

Shark and Hammer decide to go after Regis, Yusuke and Manabu on their own. Regis fights Shark who is transformed into a more powerful form with the use of a drug. Though Regis still proves to be stronger, Hammer captures and knocks out Manabu and Yusuke in the meantime. With those two as hostages, Regis has no choice but to be taken captive as well.

Back at Union’s hideout, Tao, Takio and M-21 learn that Shark has captured the three students!

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