Noblesse - Episode 6 Recap

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The D-powered Takio seems to have the edge over Franken. But Franken releases his true power, which proves too much for Takio. Takio is motivated by the thought of staying alive for his little sister but is still defeated.

Meanwhile, Seira uses her Soul Weapon, the Death Scythe, and kills Hammer. She then notices Franken’s power and joins him. It’s at this moment that Seira finally realizes Franken is not a normal human. The dying Takio recognizes Seira. Believing he’s about to be killed by Franken, he makes one final request to Seira to save Yusuke and apologizes for putting him in harm’s way. Franken is moved by this and spares his life.

Inside the building, Rai uses tremendous power to force the monstrous Crans and Tao into lying down positions. Crans barely breaks from Rai’s control and lunges at Rai with an attack. Rai hardly has to move to block. With telekinesis, he sends Crans flying across the room. Realizing he’s no match for Rai, Crans orders Tao to take D so that he can absorb Tao’s power the same way he did to Shark. Believing this is his fate, Tao complies.

Before Tao can take the drug, Manabu begs Rai to rescue Tao. He tells Rai that Tao tried to save them earlier. Crans is irritated by Manabu’s words and vows to kill him first. Hearing that, Tao decides not to let himself be killed.

Tao is soon overpowered by Crans, but Rai steps in and freezes him. Rai tells Manabu and Yusuke that there’s no need to beg for help because they’re friends. Rai then uses his ultra powerful technique, Blood Field, obliterating Crans once and for all.

The next day, M-21 and Takio wake up in Franken’s house. Their wounds have been treated. The two join Seira, Regis, Tao and Franken for dinner. M-21 and Regis get back to bickering over trivial things as usual.

After dinner, M-21 laments to himself how he couldn’t get the information on his comrades that he wanted and was too weak to protect the boys from DA-5. Rai reads M-21’s mind and tells him that he’s actually quite strong. Using a drop of M-21’s blood, Rai allows him to visualize his true power; M-21 transforms into a wolf man. After this, M-21 overhears Tao and Takio speaking privately. Tao says that he searched information on Takio’s sister, and it seems she never really existed! Union was just manipulating Takio’s mind the whole time. Takio is devastated by this news.

Tao also looked up the information that M-21 wanted. He regretfully informs M-21 that those records were destroyed. As Tao and Takio bid him and Franken farewell, M-21 humbly requests that the two former DA-5 members be allowed to stay in Franken’s home. He feels a bond with Takio and Tao, as all three were used and abandoned by Union. Franken says there’s no need to beg because it’s his home as well. Rai is also happy to welcome them in.

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