“One Piece” “Luffy, Zoro, Nami” are in the top 3 in the worldwide popularity contest! The Figuarts ZERO have been announced

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To commemorate the "One Piece" manga for reaching volume 100, the picture scroll "100 Views of Pirates" was drawn by the original author Oda Eiichirou. The figure based on that picture scroll has been announced under BANDAI SPIRITS. The developments such as "Figure", "Ichiban Kuji", and "Amusement Prize" will start from October 2021.

"100 Views of Pirates" feature the Top 50 characters from the 1st worldwide character popularity contest "WORLD TOP 100" that was held from January 2021. This picture scroll was drawn by Oda and it was revealed in three parts for three consecutive weeks on "Weekly Shounen Jump" from August 30.

To commemorate the manga for hitting 100 volumes, BANDAI SPIRITS has announced the release of the figures based on "100 Views of Pirates" under three different brands, which are the non-movable figure series "Figuarts ZERO" under the adult collectible product brand "TAMASHII NATIONS", the character lottery where everyone wins "Ichiban Kuji", and the amusement specialty goods "Banpresto".

For "Figuarts ZERO", the figures of the top 3 of the "WORLD TOP 100", which are Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, were announced. Fixation was put on the unique molding and coloring of the non-movable figure as it expressed the liveliness from the picture scroll precisely.

Other than Chopper appearing on Luffy's figure, the world setting of "100 Views of Pirates" can be enjoyed more by arranging the three products next to each other.

"Figuarts ZERO Monkey D Luffy WT100 Commemoration Oda Eiichirou's Original 100 Views of Pirates" is priced at 7,700 JPY (tax included) and it will be released in February 2022. "Figuarts ZERO Roronoa Zoro WT100 Commemoration Oda Eiichirou's Original 100 Views of Pirates" and "Figuarts ZERO Nami WT100 Commemoration Oda Eiichirou's Original 100 Views of Pirates" is priced at 6,050 JPY each (tax included) and the release is in March 2022. It will be available on nationwide hobby shops, toy shops, electronic stores, mass hobby retailers, toy areas, and e-commerce websites.

(C) Oda Eiichirou/ Shueisha (C) Oda Eiichirou/ Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

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