“Overlord” A Wing Ver. figure of Albedo has appeared! A masterpiece with mysterious beautifulness and vibrant looks!

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A pre-order of "Albedo Wing Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure" from "Overlord IV" has started on Kadokawa Store, Dengekiya, Ebten, etc.

Based on the illustration of so-bin (in charge of original character design), this figure has captured the moment of Albedo, who appears on "Overlord IV," descending to the ground with its pitch-black wings spread.

With details put into each feather of the widely spread wings, you can feel the wings elegantly fluttering. Even the hairs that add accent to the silhouette are waving by the wind caused by the wing, reproducing the fluttering outlook.

Carefully holding the tip of the dress, the appearance with a gentle smile makes it perfect for the name of "Merciful pure-white devil." It is a masterpiece with the mysterious beautifulness of Albedo and vibrant feelings generated by the modeling.

"Albedo Wing Ver." is priced at JPY 29,200 (Tax Incl.). It is available for pre-order on Kadokawa Store, Dengekiya, Ebten, etc.

(C) Maruyama Kugane, KADOKAWA/ Overlord 4 Production Committee

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