“Patlabor” TYPE-J9 Griffon A.K.A. the “Black Labor” Becomes a Figure! A Recreation of the Organic and Sharp Form

Figures February 26, 09:50 0
From "Mobile Police Patlabor" comes a figure of "TYPE-J9 Griffon" a.k.a. the "Black Labor" as a set with the Aqua Unit. Pre-orders are currently available on "Good Smile Online Shop".

This is the latest item from the build-it-yourself action figure series "MODEROID".

Griffon's distinct, organic, and sharp form, including the giant wings equipped to the Flight Unit, were faithfully recreated. The kit comes with various wrist parts, and you can even recreate the memorable thumbs up from the show.

You can choose between the Flight Unit and Aqua Unit to recreate the two forms from the show. The main materials are polystyrene (PS) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The armor, joints, and clear parts are colored from the molding, so the coloring from the show can be recreated just by assembling the kit.

"MODEROID TYPE-J9 Griffon Flight & Aqua Unit Set" is priced at 5,500 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available on "Good Smile Online Shop."


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