“Pokemon” will collaborate with “Longchamp”, a French leather goods brand! Pikachu wearing a jockey’s hat is cute♪

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Pikachu from "Pokemon" and  "Longchamp", a French leather goods brand will collaborate. The original goods such as Pikachu wearing a jockey hat will be on presale in Japan from Oct. 9, 2020.

"Longchamp" was founded in Paris, France in 1948. It is a maison brand that fuses modern luxury, creativity, and dynamism.

The "Le Pliage" collection, which represents the maison, collaborated with "Pikachu", who created "kawaii" sensation all around the world, and evolved to produce "Longchamp x Pokemon".

It left its elegance featuring French esprit as it is, and produced four varieties of the latest goods, recreating Pikachu's stunning cuteness. Among them, "Le Pliage Cuir Pokemon" has a serial number as only 500 are available in the world.

Sophie Delafontaine, the artistic director, commented about this collection "This is the first time that a brand brings fashion, entertainment, and game industry together, but it was truly exciting to collaborate with "Pokemon" and its representative character Pikachu. Please enjoy this special collection that fused the real and virtual, two different worlds."

"Longchamp x Pokemon" will be on presale at "LONGCHAMP LA MAISON OMOTESANDO", "LONGCHAMP LA MAISON GINZA", and the official online store from Oct. 9, 2020. Please check out the official website for more detailed information.

Furthermore, to celebrate this collaboration, dress-up items inspired by "Longchamp x Pokemon" will be available on "Pokemon Go" from Oct. 3, and Pocket Monsters wearing the fashion items will appear for a week from Oct. 3 to 9 at 2 p.m. 

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