“Selection Project” Miyama Suzune & Hananoi Rena has gotten a figure in the “Suzu☆Rena” costume!

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Miyama Suzune and Hananoi Rena from the TV anime "Selection Project" has gotten a 1/7 scale figure under Furyu's high quality hobby brand "F:NEX". Pre-orders are currently available on "F:NEX" and other hobby shops.

"Selection Project" is a currently broadcasting TV anime that started in October 2021. It depicts the young girls challenging the audition to achieve their dreams, and the highlight is the reality show-like expression.

"Miyama Suzune 1/7 Scale Figure" and "Hananoi Rena 1/7 Scale Figure" are figures of Miyama Suzune and Hananoi Rena from "Selection Project" in their unit "Suzu☆Rena" costume. The sleeves of the costume are recreated with transparent parts to express the translucency of the materials. The molding and coloring of the delicate parts, such as the wrinkles and hair, were faithfully recreated, making it express their movement with a tremendous balance.

Also, the tights are made of cloth in pursuit of a more realistic expression of the figure. By arranging both of them together, the pedestal will form the butterfly-like pattern that is the same as the live scene of the anime, and this will surely help you to enjoy the world setting of "Selection Project" more.

As both products are made-to-order, the price is 19,580 JPY (tax included) each. Pre-orders are currently available on hobby e-Commerce website "F:NEX", etc. until January 13, 2022, and the release is scheduled for October 2022.

"Miyama Suzune 1/7 Scale Figure"

"Hananoi Rena 1/7 Scale Figure"

※ Overall Height: About 24 cm (inclusive of pedestal)

[Pre-order Period] October 16, 2021 (Saturday) - January 13, 2022 (Thursday)

[Release Date] Scheduled for October 2022

[Price] 19,580 JPY (tax included) each

[Seller] Furyu Co., Ltd.

※ The product is made-to-order product.

※ "Miyama Suzune 1/7 Scale Figure" and "Hananoi Rena 1/7 Scale Figure" are sold separately.

(C) Selection Project Partners

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