“Shin Ultraman” Action Figure with No Color Timer and a Slim Body! A Recreation of the Original Desing by Narita Tooru

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From "Shin Ultraman", created and written by Anno Hideaki from "Evangelion", comes "Ultraman" under the action figure series "S.H. Figuarts". The product will be in stores from June 2021.

"S.H. Figuarts Shin Ultraman" is a recreation of the original design of Ultraman by Narita Tooru, which is also the design concept of "Shin Ultraman".

He doesn't have a Color Timer nor peepholes for the eyes and was designed based on the body of Furuya Satoshi, who Narita specifically chose as the model of Ultraman.

Though having a slim body, the figure can be posed in various poses like shooting the Spacium Beam or flying.

"S.H. Figuarts Shin Ultraman" is priced at 5,000 JPY (tax excluded) and will be in stores in June 2021. The figure will also be available online including, Amazon, AmiAmi, Big Camera, Yodobashi Camera, Edion, etc. (*Please check each website for sales status. Sales may have finished.)

(C) 2021 "Shin Ultraman" Production Committee

(C) Tsuburaya Production

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