Stare at the magnificently beautiful slender legs! The figure of Yat Sen from “Azur Lane” has been announced

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From "Azur Lane" comes the 1/7 scale figure of Yat Sen. Pre-orders are currently available on Furyu's hobby e-commerce website "F:NEX".

The product is a figure of Yat Sen from the smartphone game "Azur Lane", where you fight enemies with beautiful girls, who take on the personification of a warship.

Yat Sen is a character from the Dragon Empery faction, and she is a personification of a light cruiser.

Regarding the design, the wrinkles and texture of the china dress-like outfit that she is wearing have been reproduced so that it seems to stick to her like skin, and the frills on the arm and waist are created using the transparent parts to give off the prominent beauty.

Also, her trademark long hair, the beautiful slender legs from the dress, her equipment, and even the umbrella are created delicately.

"Yat Sen 1/7 Scale Figure" is priced at 22,800 JPY (tax included).

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