Top 5 Anime Figure Pre-orders from GoodSmile Company Announced in December 2020

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The year 2020 is coming to a close (finally), and we at Tokyo Anime News wanted to end it with something a little different than our previous posts! Plenty of amazing figures were announced this month by GoodSmile Company.  Some of these figures won’t be released for several months. But we can still celebrate the official photos and details popping up. A good figure pre-order announcement can really get the blood pumping!

Lots of nendoroids and figma were announced. As usual, GSC’s reach of properties is impressive. We’re getting some nendos and figmas that collectors have been demanding. I’ve scoured all of the announcements and made some tough choices to filter it down to my top 5.

This is a list of my five favorite figure announcements, with the number one spot being the highest rank. Reminder: this list is a matter of opinion by one of Tokyo Anime News’ writers. It’s not based on any kind of numerical data!

5. POP UP PARADE Ochaco Uraraka: Hero Costume Ver.
POP UP PARADE has made Ochaco really shine with this figure. I mean literally, she’s shiny! And she’s captured in a mid-jump pose (or maybe she’s floating).

Uravity boasts plenty of smooth curves. The simplicity of the lining and the soft pink coloring is appealing to the eye. She kinda looks like Kirby if he took on a human waifu form, don’t you think? Now you can’t unthink it.

4. Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2020 Summer Festival Ver.
A few Miku-chan Nendos were announced this month, which were also very tempting to place on this list. This Magical Mirai 2020 version clinched it because of her accessories, which add a lot of personality to the face plates included with this Miku.

I love how she can tease a winking smile behind a hand fan and a closed eyes smile while she’s holding cotton candy. It’s like she just took a big bite and she’s ecstatic about the taste!

3. Nendoroid Lancer/Altria Pendragon & Dun Stallion
So hear me out. The reason that the DX Nendoroid Altria Pendragon from “Fate/Grand Order” beat out Miku-chan for the number 3 spot… is because she’s sexy. Sexy Nendos are still few and far between. And I’m amazed that a chibi thing like a Nendoroid can be sexy.

Anyways, with a cape on, her horsey Dun Stallion, and her Noble Phantasm Rhongomyniad, Altria looks majestic. And with all that stuff off, she looks sexy.

2. Black Rock Shooter: inexhaustible Ver.
I don’t think I have to explain much why this figure is on the list. It looks glorious! It’s a great, kick-ass anniversary figure. And yes, the blue laser lights up with USB charge!

1. Atelier Ryza 2: Ryza
And #1 spot goes to Ryza-chan! They painstakingly sculpted the thicc-thighed goddess to look even better than in the original game! She must use some kind of magic to ensure her blood flows normally, even though she’s being squeezed so tightly by thigh-highs and holsters!

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