Vinland Saga and Assassin's Creed Valhalla Release Official Crossover Story

Manga October 26, 19:39 0
As reported by Comicbook, Vinland Saga creator Makoto Yukimura has teamed up with video game developer Ubisoft to produce an official manga crossover story. The short story, which has been released online by Ubisoft Japan, sees Assassin’s Creed Valhalla protagonist Eivor cross paths with Vinland Saga hero Thorfinn. A detailed illustration of the famous Hidden Blade from Assassin’s Creed lore makes an appearance in the story as well. According to an Ubisoft press release, an English translation of the manga is on the way.

The one-shot crossover is a promotion celebrating the release of AC Valhalla, which comes out on November 10 on all major platforms except for PS5 (the game releases on November 12 to coincide with the PS5’s launch date). With both Eivor and Thorfinn being swift, deadly Viking warriors, a crossover between the two characters makes sense.

Vinland Saga is an original manga series that began publication in 2005. A twenty-four episode anime adaptation aired from July to December 2019. Both the manga and anime have garnered critical acclaim and a large fan following. A second season for the anime has not yet been confirmed.

An animated graphic of the crossover was released on Ubisoft Japan’s official Twitter on October 23 and has already received over 1,000 retweets.

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