Bringing “Evangelion” to the business scene… Shirts, ties, and other items for working people!

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The items, including shirts, neckties, tie bars, cufflinks, and belts with "Evangelion" motifs, are now available. They will be on sale at "Haruyama", "PerfectSuitFActory" (abbreviated as P.S.FA), and "Foel" online stores from December 11.

The "shirts" come in a total of nine different styles, all with the same comfortable, stress-free fit and great features such as antibacterial and deodorant protection, but with a subtle "Evangelion" design for a stylish look.

The neckties come in a total of 10 different colors and patterns with subtle aircraft numbers and designs to match your mood and coordination.

The "tie bars" come in a total of seven variations with the image of "NERV" or "WILLE", and are simple enough to be used in formal situations, but still express your individuality.

In addition, there are three types of cufflinks with elegant designs in the image colors of "NERV", "WILLE", and "The Sixth Envoy".

The "Belt" comes in two types, with the initial "E" of "EVANGELION" boldly displayed on the colors of the "First Machine" and "Second Machine" images.

For more information on each product, please visit the "Haruyama", "P.S.FA", and "Foel" online stores.

Please note that some items are not available at "Haruyama" and "Foel".

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