Attack on Titan, Kingdom, Re: Life in a Different World from Zero… 5 Anime-Inspired Alcoholic Beverages

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November 18th is the Beaujolais Nouveau release day of 2021. There have also been anime-inspired alcoholic beverages released one after another in recent years. In this article, we will introduce “anime x alcohol” collaborations such as wine and other types of alcoholic beverages.

White Sparkling Wine "Emilia" (Sparkling/Italy/750ml)

This wine was selected with care by Shiraito Sake Brewery in Amanohashidate to match the image of Emilia from ‘Re: Life in a Different World from Zero’.

Offering a sweet and refreshing flavor with a fruity aroma of muscat, the sparkling wine is popular globally, mainly with women.

The original wooden box with a design inspired by Emilia is also a happy offer for fans.

Chestnut Shochu Mute Muka Dabada Hiburi EVANGELION No.8 Beta Temporary Combat Form (Boxed/720ml)

This item is a collaboration between “EVANGELION:3.0 1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME” and Mute Muka Sake Brewer in Shimanto. It’s a chestnut shochu released at “Shimanto Completion Project”, an event held by Kaiyodo Hobby Museum and Shimanto town. “Dabada Hiburi” is 50% made of chestnuts, distilled slowly at a low temperature to seal the chestnut flavor and that brings a distinguished and luxurious finish. Enjoy the soft chestnut flavor and mellow sweetness spread throughout your mouth.

Ooyama Yumekobo: “Attack on Titan” Hajime Isayama Autograph Illustration Bottles Set of Two (Levi Label/Erwin&Hansi Label) 500ml×2

This item is a set of two Japanese plum wine bottles with Levi, Erwin, and Hansi designed on the labels. The “Levi Label, Aged Umeshu, Yume Hibiki” is made with Oshukubai plum, which is said to be suitable for plum wine. After going through at least 3 years of aging, the plum wine with a deep and mild mouthfeel is ready. It is an undiluted plum wine with an alcoholic content of 20%.

The other bottle, “Erwin・Hansi Label, Nankobai, Kodawari Umeshu”, is made with fine Nankobai plums grown in Oyama Town, Oita. This plum wine is also aged for over 3 years until it has a refreshing, fruity taste with balanced flavor of sourness, sweetness, and the aroma. 

Okuchi Sake Brewery: Shochu Isanishiki “Kingdom” [Shochu Kagoshima Alcohol content: 25% 1800ml]

This item is a shochu with a limited anime illustration label. The shochu is ‘Shirokoji Isanishiki’ which has a mild flavor and fresh mouthfeel. Not only for “Kingdom” fans, but also shochu lovers can enjoy this. Enjoy it with your favorite way of drinking, whether it is with water, hot water, soda, and on the rocks.

“EUREKA SEVEN” Hi-Evolution 1 EUREKA SEVEN Renton Yuzu Wine 500ml

This item is a yuzu wine with a design inspired by “EUREKA SEVEN Hi-Evolution 1”. The sake replicates the color of EUREKA, “pastel green”. The body provides a sweet and sour mouthfeel with an accent of refreshing yuzu flavor. The product comes with a wooden box with Renton designed on it.

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