Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 12 Review - How and Why Eren Initiated His Master Plan

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 11, the season ends with a flashback. Yep, forget what’s going on currently in the story and enjoy flashback time. Just what everyone was hoping for. And it’s not even the end of the season (meaning the end of the series). But more on that later.

It begins with Mikasa on the ship, as Hange’s crew makes its way to the Azumabito dock to set up the airship.

Right away, it flashes back to when Eren, Mikasa and the rest of Hange’s Survey Scouts crew first traveled to Marley, in order to scout the enemy. And try to find a way to peace.

Mikasa muses over the idea that maybe Eren was always this way - as in, someone who would commit genocide for his friends.

Then we see Jean, Connie and Sasha (still alive back then, of course) chatting on the boat. Our precious comic relief during a lighter time in the series. Then we see Hange, Levi and Armin, rounding out the rest of the party. Everyone’s dressed sharply in suits to blend in, so they don’t look like Paradis people.

They arrive on land, and more hijinks ensue, like being amazed by seeing a car for the first time and trying to feed it carrots as if it was a live animal. And a creepy clown thinking Levi is just a boy because he’s short. They also reunite with Onyankopon.

A little foreign boy steals from Sasha. Levi catches him and the crowd turn on the boy, accusing him of possibly being a Paradis devil. Levi and the others save the boy by running away with him, even though they’re supposed to keep a low profile.

Next up, they reunite with Kiyomi. They discuss their plan to hear the Subjects of Ymir Conservation Society speak, hoping there's a chance for acceptance of Paradis Eldians.

That night, Eren finds the immigrant refugee camp the boy is from. Eren asks Mikasa what he is to her, and she’s too afraid to say how she really feels, so she calls him family. And maybe that answer wasn’t enough to stop Eren from going down his path.

To thank Eren’s crew, they have a party filled with drinking. Everyone has a great time getting drunk. Sasha even throws up. This is like the last happy moment Eren was with everyone.

The next day, Hange’s crew find out the Conservation Society is a bust - the society hates Paradis Eldians. That’s the moment Eren ran away from the Survey crew to begin his own plan of attacking Marley. His letters said he was siding with Zeke.

Then it switches over to Eren’s memories. How he pretended to trust Zeke and Yelena but conspired with Floch for his own plan to destroy the world and protect Paradis. Eren also spoke with Historia of his plan. She was willing to sacrifice herself to stop the bloodshed, but Eren wouldn’t allow that choice. And even erased Historia’s memories because she said she would try to stop him.

Finally it goes back to present day, where the Rumbling makes its way to the shore of the Marley continent. Every warship in the world has created a barricade to stop the Colossals Titans who are swimming towards them. And the shore is lined with cannons.

The warships do a good job at killing a bunch of the Colossal Titans, but it’s really just a dent in the army of thousands of titans. They break through the ships and send them flying! And then we see gross Eren coming, the Attack Titan.

And finally comes the surprise announcement! Season 3 of the final season is coming in 2023! Which means…. that this season we’ve been watching is not really the end of the show. Three seasons… divided into three parts that they keep telling us is the final season. It’s… stupid. They’re stringing us along. These are really like cours to the final season. So the third and final cour of the final season is coming next year. But whatever, more AoT is always a good thing. So far.

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