Spy x Family - Episode 12 Review - Loid, Yor, and Anya Go to the Aquarium

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 11, this ep begins with an old woman working a subway kiosk. She’s secretly a WISE agent. Twilight AKA Loid Forger secretly gets a mission from her.

The next thing you know, an office explodes thanks to Loid. And Loid is able to get a valuable briefcase among the dead bodies in the room.

Loid delivers the briefcase to another spy, then goes home. He’s completely exhausted from doing a bunch of missions lately, while also keeping up with Operation Strix.

Then we go over the Forger family, how all three of them are keeping a big secret from the others.

As Loid enters the building to his apartment, he overhears some female neighbors gossiping how Loid’s never around. They think it’s suspicious, and that maybe he’s having an affair. So Loid realizes he has to double his efforts in making the Forger family look like a real, happy family. Because any cracks could endanger their cover.

He announces to Yor and Anya that they should go on a family trip to the aquarium. Yor worries about him, he looks too exhausted to do one.

Later, they head out on their trip. They have to take the subway. That’s when Loid learns he’s being called on for another very important mission. He declines to take it at first because he’s busy with family, but the mission coincidentally happens at the place he’s going, the aquarium. So he takes it.

They get to the aquarium. Loid wants to get done with his mission right away, but he hits more bad luck. One of the gossiping women from his apartment is there with her family, too. And Yor suggests they all hang out together. Loid has to continue to keep up his cover as a father!

For his mission, Loid has to retrieve an item from a certain penguin’s mouth. But there’s hundreds of penguins, so it’s really hard to find the right one. Anya uses her mind-reading to read the minds of the penguins and finds the right one. She discreetly points it out to her father.

So Loid lies and says he needs to go get a drink. In reality, he puts on a disguise and fake face to infiltrate the penguin habitat. Because of his incredible recall, he’s able to learn every single penguin’s name and face instantly, impressing the boss. He also uses this information to expertly feed the penguins, freeing up a path for him to the one he needs to get to.

He takes the penguin to get the item from its throat, when suddenly some guy claiming to be a penguin expert says he’ll take the penguin. Loid easily sniffs out that he’s a spy for the East!

The spy runs away, and Anya happens to see this. Loid is busy with the penguin, so he can’t chase after the spy. So Anya latches onto the spy and yells out to her mom that he’s a kidnapper. Of course, Yor kicks the guy’s ass easily, knocking him out. WISE is able to interrogate him now.

The gossiping woman notices Loid has been gone a long time and says to Yor that he’s probably cheating on her.

But Loid comes back with a giant penguin plush for Anya, and he says that’s where he’s been. So the woman is satisfied.

Later at home, Anya plays pretend that Mr. Chimera welcomes Penguin as a new staff to their secret agency. She even gets Yor and Loid to play along with her, out in public. 

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