Spy x Family - Episode 11 Review - Anya Wants a Dog

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 10, Anya shows her grades to her dad. She pretends to be too busy watching TV because she knows she’s going to be scolded for this. Loid helps her study, but she hates it.

Anya has her own scheme. She plans to gradually read the minds of her classmates enough to know which ones are best at different subjects. Loid also considers altering her scores, but he worries that others will judge and bully her if she earns superior grades so suddenly. Anya reads Loid’s mind, so she cancels her scheme.

There are other ways to earn Stellas besides academics. So Loid decides they should try other paths. Loid and Yor try nurturing Anya’s ability in art, music, and sports. But Anya isn’t good at anything. Loid knows finding the answer takes time. But the Strix operation only gives them 4 months at most. Anya is determined to make it in time.

So they try a new approach. Community service at a hospital. Loid learns that students have received Stella Stars in the past for rescuing lives, and Anya learns this from reading Loid’s mind. Anyways, they try normal volunteer work, but Anya sucks at every attempt.

Finally, the nurse tells them to leave. As they’re about to leave, Anya reads the mind of a boy drowning in a pool. She runs to the pool to save him, telling Loid she just wants to play. Loid’s confused, but follows her. Anya dives in to save the boy, but it’s really Loid who grabs them both.

For her heroic efforts, Anya is finally awarded her first Stella!
At school, Anya wears her Stella proudly. She’s the first student to earn one this year, and that’s the fastest in the school’s history. She tells Becky to call her Starlight Anya.

At first, she thinks maybe Damian will want to be friends with her. But instead, he’s rude as always. He tells Anya not to get too cocky.

In class, Anya’s annoying classmates start picking on her because they’re all jealous bastards. Becky even calls them out on their jealousy. The kids try to get Damian to agree with them when they say Anya must have cheated to get the Stella, but for once, Damian actually defends Anya. He believes she got her Stella fair and square, he’s just mad he didn’t get one first. So he considers Anya a true rival.

At lunch, Becky asks what reward she wants for getting a Stella. Anya hadn’t thought about it. The best idea she could come up with is a year’s worth of peanuts!

Then Becky mentions that she got a dog that she loves. Anya asks Damian if he has a dog, and while he doesn’t answer, Anya reads his mind and finds out that he does have one.

So Anya’s new plan is to get a dog, and that way Damian and Anya can set up a dog date at their house. So that Twilight can infiltrate the Desmond home.

So Anya asks her parents for a dog. They agree, but the dogs they think of seem too scary for Anya. She asks for a cute dog.

The scene cuts to some men taking care of dogs who are used as experiments and suicide bombs. One dog seems to have powers…

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