Spy x Family - Episode 10 Review - Anya and Damian Work Together in Dodgeball

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 9, this ep begins with Henderson going about his morning routine. He speaks with a fellow teacher, and the teacher brings up how Henderson already had to give one Tonito (to Anya). It’s to ensure the children grow up to be elegant!

Meanwhile, Damian’s lackeys, Emile and Ewen, look at a photo album and notice Damian’s older brother. Apparently his older brother is amazing and became an Imperial Scholar. This makes Damian feel uncomfortable, and he doubts he can live up to his brother’s example. Then Damian learns he has a chance to shine as an MVP in the upcoming dodgeball tournament.

Rumor spreads around the kids that you can get a Stella if you’re the MVP for that PE event. Anya shares the news with her father and mother, Loid and Yor. Anya then asks Yor for help training for the dodgeball competition. Yor agrees.

Anya comes up with a nickname for herself. Star Catching Anya. Secretly, Loid doubts the rumor is true. But Anya goes through training anyways. Since it’s Yor, the training is really tough.  But Anya does improve physically, it seems. Yor even teaches her how to throw a ball with incredible power, enough to damage multiple trees in the park!

The tournament begins, and Anya is determined to get that Stella to help her father’s mission. As usual, Damian and his lackeys bicker with Anya and Becky. But they actually have to work together this time because they’re on the same team. Henderson is monitoring the event.

Anya uses her mind reading and finds out that Damian is trying to get a Stella so that his father will notice him. So his motivations don’t seem all that bad to Anya.

In this tournament, Class Three is going up against Class Four. Damian actually got some intel ahead of time and learns that his true challenge to defeat Class Four is Bill Watkins AKA Magic Bullet Bill, a super strong kid who seems like a mini adult! He’s also the son of a general, so he’s super militant. Bill starts taking out a bunch of Class Three people right away.

Damian and his minions try their tactics to defeat Bill, but he’s just too good! Emile sacrifices himself so that Damian isn’t taken out by Bill. And then Bill takes out Ewen, who was distracted by Emile’s fall.

Next, Bill aims for Anya. But Anya’s mind-reading helps her dodge all of his throws.

Finally, Anya trips. Bill uses this chance to attack Anya with a throw. Without thinking, because Damian has a crush on Anya, he sacrifices himself to save Anya and gets taken out of the game.

Anya vows revenge with the lightning arrow throw her mama taught her. She calls it Killer Shot Star Catcher! Bill is actually afraid it might take him out. But the throw sucks, and Bill pegs Anya. Class Three loses.

Then the kids find out from Henderson that winning doesn’t mean getting a Stella. So it was all for nothing!

Henderson does notice that Damian and Anya were able to work together though, and he admires that. But it was a temporary truce, it seems.

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