Spy x Family - Episode 9 Review - Loid Checks to See if Yor Is a Spy

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This ep follows right after the events of Spy x Family - Episode 8. Yuri just demanded that Loid and Yor kiss in front of him to prove they really love each other. This isn’t a new thing for Loid to do as he’s a master liar. But Yor freaks out because it would be their first kiss, and she’s not used to pretending like Loid is.

Yor downs a bottle of wine, liquid courage for the kiss. Then she takes the initiative and pushes Loid down. Just as they’re about to kiss, Yuri has second thoughts. He can’t stand seeing his sister kiss a man. He runs up to stop it. Yor also can’t bring herself to do it, so she swings her arm to slap Loid with her incredible strength. But Loid ducks, and Yor accidentally hits her brother instead, to the point that he’s bleeding!

Yuri doesn’t mind that he’s bleeding. He’s probably used to his sister accidentally beating him up with her strength. Yuri is convinced for now that they’re a real couple, because his sister was really going to kiss Loid.

Loid realizes both Yor and Yuri are wobbling now. Both are drunk. He thinks their sibling relationship is cute. And he’s actually jealous of their bond.

Yuri leaves embarrassed and defeated. It seems he doesn’t want to admit to himself that he likes and trusts Loid.

The next day, Loid is worried because he has to think of all possibilities, including that maybe Yor is a spy. Just like her brother. In order to check if that’s true, Loid puts a bug on Yor secretly. Yor can sense that Loid is being strange today, a bit distant.

Anya can read both their minds. She wants to assure both of them that they can trust each other, but she can’t. That would reveal she’s a mind reader. So instead, she simply tells them to get along.

At work, Yor asks her coworkers how she can be a good wife. She thinks she hasn’t been able to prove she’s a real wife well enough. Like not being able to cook. Loid listens in to her conversation and figures out her coworkers are jerks, but Yor doesn’t seem to catch on about them.

Then Loid catches an opportunity to test Yor. Her manager, Mr. Barnes, asks her to deliver a letter to the post office.

Loid and Franky disguise themselves as Secret Police with fake faces to trick Yor. They accuse her of possibly being a spy and threaten to take her in. But they give her a chance to mention that her bro is Secret Police, to get her out of this trouble. She proves that she really doesn’t know he’s Secret Police. So they let her go.

Alone, Franky asks Loid if he feels guilty for suspecting Yor is a spy. Loid denies it, but maybe he does feel guilty. Franky reminds him not to get close to anyone. He’s a spy and shouldn’t get close to Yor.

Loid and Yor meet up after work. Loid tries to calm Yor’s fears that she’s not playing a good enough wife. He says she’s great and she should just be herself. Forcing yourself to live up to an ideal is too much stress. Yor appreciates his kind words.

Later, Anya comes home from school and she can tell her father and mother are getting along okay now. They enjoy cake to celebrate one year of being married.

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