The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 12 Review - Naofumi Finally Kills Kyou

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 11, this ep begins by comparing the previous lives of both Naofumi and Kyou. Both were otaku, but their outlooks on life were different. Kyou was always a piece of crap. Kyou feels this second chance at life means he can be a true asshole and do anything he wants this time.

Back in the present, Kyou has just unleashed the Wave. Kizuna, L’arc, Glass, Ethnobalt, and Therese have been warped away to the Wave’s location because they’re this world’s heroes.

How will Naofumi’s party get to Kyou now? Actually, it’ll be super easy. Barely an inconvenience. Ethnobalt uses his boat to warp right back to Naofumi’s party and pick them up.

At first, Naofumi wants to sock Yomogi in the face for helping Kyou, but his party holds him back. Yomogi and Ethnobalt are able to get them to Kyou’s underground hideout.

Meanwhile, Kizuna’s party is busy dealing with Wave monsters.

Naofumi’s party enters Kyou’s lab and first run into the three servants belonging to Kazuki. They’ve been transformed into chimeras because they asked for the strength to fight. They also have weapons from Kyou.

Of course, Raphtalia kicks their asses easily. A weapon explodes, but Naofumi shields against it.

Then the shithead Kyou shows his ugly face. He brings out Kazuki’s zombie corpse, brought back to life with the soul of the Mirror Hero. Then Kyou walks away, thinking he’s safe now. What an idiot.

Raphtalia, Filo and Yomogi stay behind to deal with Kazuki zombie. Rishia and Naofumi go forward to catch up with Kyou.

Kyou confesses he used the stolen energy of the Spirit Tortoise to open up the wave, and his next target is Fitoria. Then he says even more shit to gaslight Naofumi.

It works. Naofumi goes full wrath mode and lets the dragon out. He loses control and the dragon takes over. Calling Rishia a useless slut.

But Rishia is able to pull Naofumi back from the dark side. And a vision of Ost tells him he no longer needs that dragon’s power.

He awakens to find Raphtalia and Filo are holding him for support. Naofumi then unleashes the full power of the Tortoise Shield.

Kyou unleashes a last ditch effort attack that’s equal to Naofumi’s blast. Naofumi combines the power of the Vassal Mirror with his attack, and is finally able to obliterate that scumbag Kyou. Although we don’t actually get to see him turn into ash or anything.

With that, the Wave ends and Ost’s vision says goodbye to everyone.

The parties reunite and Kizuna says they should celebrate and fish together for the next month. But Naofumi’s shield actually teleports them back to their world. So very quickly, Kizuna says thank you to Naofumi before he disappears. The end.

The season was terrible. Nowhere near as good as the first season because it was compressed too much into 13 episodes. One epilogue episode is left.

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