The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 11 Review - Yomogi Attacks Naofumi's Party

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 10, we get a nice happy scene for once. Naofumi’s party is reunited with Raphtalia. Raph-chan is introduced to her. And L’arc, Glass and Therese finally reunite with Kizuna.

In her head, Kizuna wonders about what Waves are like. Her own mission to save her world  as a Legendary Hero was to defeat the Dragon Emperor, which she did. It wasn’t to fight Waves.

Close by, Kazuki is pissed that he lost, and Kyo arrives to ridicule him. The idiot moves even though his servants were still trying to remove Raphtalia’s slash mark magic from his body. Because he moved, he sliced his own body in half! A true idiot. I have to agree with Kyo this time.

Kyo’s mysterious ally appears behind him. She requests to fight Naofumi’s party and defeat them.

Ethnobalt gives all the good guys a ride on his boat. Glass hugs Kizuna tightly saying she’ll never let her go. Enobalt thanks Naofumi for helping Glass and Kizuna finally reunite.

Back in Sikul, Kizuna scolds L’arc, Therese and Glass for trying to kill the Cardinal Heroes of Naofumi’s world to stop the waves.

Naofumi says there may be no other way to save either of their worlds except by fighting each other. But Kizuna vows to find a way. Even if there’s not enough time and no other way, she says she won’t fight Naofumi. So Naofumi agrees to try to find a way back in his own world as well.

Meanwhile, in Kyo’s lab, Kyo puts Kazuki in a tank and tells his servants that he can bring him back to life. The servants ask for power to take revenge on Naofumi’s party.

The next day, Kizuna takes Naofumi’s party to a blacksmith so that they can have their gear modified to work in this world. Naofumi teases L’arc as “young master” since he learns that L’arc is king of Sikul.

Then Kyo’s mysterious ally attacks. She introduces herself as Yomogi Emarl. Yomogi attacks Naofumi’s party, which is absolutely ridiculous because it’s like 8 people vs. one. She’s pretty tough to beat, but their combined power is just too much for her. Then her own sword (created by Kyo) comes alive and grows tendrils. It latches onto Yomogi. Fortunately, Kizuna is able to separate it from her, and the heroes fling the sword away. It suddenly explodes. The sword was a bomb meant to kill Naofumi’s group along with Yomogi.

The group handcuffs Yomogi. Kizuna takes her to her home to talk it out and find out more about Kyo. Naofumi thinks there’s no reasoning with a bastard like Kyo. He and the others continue to prepare to fight him. Meanwhile, Kizuna sits and has tea with Yomogi.

Yomogi explains that Kyo is his childhood friend. He was a weird kid, but Yomogi believed she should help him. She learned a lot from him. She believed when he said he would find a way to stop the Waves. But now she’s shocked to hear how terrible Kyo is, how he’s a crazy ass murderer.

So she vows to repent for what he’s done. Even if it means her own death along with his. Wow, it was stupidly quick and easy she changed sides.

Anyways, Kyo is somehow able to activate a Wave to start without the timer. Yomogi realizes it was Kyo who started this Wave.

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