Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 12 Review - Ariane Gets Revenge on Fumba

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 11, Arc, unconscious Ariane and Chiyome are inside Fumba’s hideout. The place collapses because the giant Hydra breaks loose. Did you think they would die? Nope. Able to escape. It was super easy. Barely an inconvenience. Arc just uses Dimension Move to get the three of them out of there.

But what about the other Ninja Clan guys like Goemon? Apparently, they just disappear from the plot completely because the writers didn’t know what to do with them.

Anyways, Chiyome recommends retreating. But it’s too late. The Hydra notices them and hits their location with a massive blast attack.

Fumba controlled the Hydra to do this. He laughs maniacally in the distance, believing that killed Arc’s party.

Then we get a flashback of both his elders and Emperor Domitianus calling him weak. That’s why the asshole is trying so hard to prove he’s powerful.

Fumba starts directing the Hydra to attack the nearby town, which is part of the Revlon Empire.

Meanwhile, we see Arc’s party is fine. Arc used his shield, which was strong enough to defend against the Hydra’s blast. Ariane is pissed. She was stuck inside her mind apparently, as Fumba controlled her. She really wants to kill him now. Arc wants to kill the Hydra, too, before it wreaks havoc on the town.

So Chiyome, Ariane and Ponta go off to kill Fumba. While Arc deals with the hydra.

Arc uses a series of powerful attacks on the hydra, even Judgment to cut off its heads. But the heads regenerate. It’s tough to beat, even for someone as powerful as Arc. Finally, he summons Ifrit, a monster as big as hydra, to kick its ass.

Meanwhile, Ariane and Chiyome find Fumba thanks to Ponta’s sense of smell. He’s still cocky in front of them, but Ariane calls him weak. And that pisses him off. First he tries to use his imps again, but Ariane kills them instantly. Then he tries to control the hydra to fight them, but Ariane ruins the seal on his back so that he can no longer control the beast. He says now the hydra will destroy everything, since he can’t control it. But Ariane retorts that Arc will kill it, so they have nothing to fear.

Fumba, the coward he is, finally tries to apologize to get out of it. But Ariane says it’s no use. He’s going to hell. Then she incinerates his body in blue fire as the bastard screams in agony! So satisfying. And Ifrit and Arc absolutely demolish the hydra and burn it to nothing in a nuclear blast display.

Arc reunites with the two girls. Suddenly, a Whispering Fowl from Danka arrives with good news. Yuriarna has met with Danka and apologized for the treatment of the elves. She vows to help find the missing elves, relieving Ariane of her duty. Rhoden’s forces also vow to defend the Elven people if Revlon attacks in a war. Danka is very happy with these promises.

So what’s left? Ariane says she still needs to help Arc lift his curse. And he also wants to visit Chiyome’s village. Hopefully we see that in a second season. I would be happy to watch!

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