Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 11 Review - Arc and Ariane Meet Fumba

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Recapping Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 10 just a little, Fumba throws one of his whores into a pit where a monster eats her. This guy’s a real scumbag.

Elsewhere, Ariane and Arc arrive at the town of Kaysehk. They notice the town seems very secure with guards, so they have to move discreetly to gain intel about the missing elves.

The two split up. Arc isn’t able to find any good leads about elves, but he does hear about monsters lurking nearby and people mysteriously disappearing. There’s also strange cries coming from a fortress. 

Close by, Arc notices a woman being attacked by three guys. They say they will reunite her with her friends. Arc easily beats the shit out of them. The girl hugs Arc to thank him. Immediately after, Ariane finds Arc. And she’s instantly jealous of this strange girl being all up on her crush. It’s cute and funny.

Arc can tell Ariane is irritated, but Ariane won’t admit it. 

A little later, those three men get chewed out by Fumba for failing to bring any people as food. Then they get chewed out literally by one of Fumba’s monsters!

Back to Ariane and Arc. The intel that Ariane received claimed that the elves were brought to the fortress four months ago. So the two decide to enter the fortress.

They’re able to sneak in easily. And take out the few guards in their way. They descend into the fortress and quickly catch a strong scent of animals and creatures. Must smell gross. They also stumble upon a prison. 

Finally they get the room that holds the giant monster. Fumba introduces himself to them. Then the bastard has the nerve to tell Ariane that he’s going to own her.

Suddenly, Ariane starts attacking Arc! Arc tries to use uncurse, but she doesn’t stop. Ariane seems to be caught in an illusion where she’s training with her sister.

Then Arc finds the culprit, an imp hiding in her cloak. Fumba’s doing. He burns the imp to death. Ariane passes out after being controlled, so Arc puts her aside.

Arc finds out Fumba is the monster tamer who probably controlled all the monsters he dealt with recently. The ones controlled by rings. Then Arc asks what happened to the elves. Fumba says most were used for experiments. A few others he kept to rape and torture. 

Arc gets pissed at this news. He wants to kill Fumba, but Fumba throws a bunch of monsters at him. Arc is able to slice them to shreds easily. But one almost attacks Ariane. Luckily, Chiyome gets there to save her just in time. She and the other Ninja Clan like Goemon start killing off monsters as well.

The fortress starts falling apart from all the fighting. Fumba, the cowardly bastard, runs away. Leaving Arc and Chiyome to deal with the giant monster - a hydra!

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