Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 10 Review - Arc and Ariane Meet Carcy

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 9, Arc and Ariane are traveling across a desert heading to the Revlon Empire. Arc spots a group of wyverns and gets excited but Whispering Fowl is scared of them. So Arc changes up the whole sky with a lightning attack to scare the wyverns away, but accidentally hits Ariane, Ponta and Whispering Fowl, too!

Later, Arc apologizes to them in a tavern. That’s when Ariane explains she’s reluctant to go to the Revlon Empire because enslaving elves is not a crime there. She’s even worried that she’ll be persecuted in the town they’re currently dining in. 

Then another elf named Carcy introduces himself to Arc and Ariane. He studies monsters, and he saw Arc’s lightning move earlier that day. So he wants to ask Arc and Ariane for help studying a dangerous monster.

Ariane freaks out because he’s an elf and he’s not hiding it in front of the humans there. But apparently, he’s lived there a long time and gets along well with humans. He actually believes in humans and elves living in peace. Ariane can’t believe that to be possible.

Anyways, they agree to help Carcy because he offers a map of Revlon as payment. As well as a book on monsters he’s made. Arc really wants that book.

Then Arc and Ariane rent out a room from the inn keeper. Since they pay well, the inn keeper gives them a barrel of really good ale. The problem is it’s too strong for Ariane. She gets drunk and less loose her inhibitions, complaining about the idea of elves and humans living together.

The whole town hears this and thinks that Arc and Ariane were having sex all night.

The next morning, Arc, Ariane, and Ponta meet up with Carcy to go on their mission. Carcy also brings along a human friend. The human is kind to Ariane. She’s hesitant to trust him at first, but eventually appreciates his tea, which helps her hangover.

Then the group is unexpectedly attacked by one of the  sand worms that Carcy is trying to study. But this one is twice as big as he expected! Ariane saves the human, and Arc saves her. Arc defeats the sand worm on his own, wrestling it with his bare hands! The Sand Worm was being controlled by one of those rings from Fumba again.

As Carcy parts ways with Ariane, he mentions an elf actually marrying a human in Limbult. They want to promote peace between their races. Arc also believes some peace can be possible between humans and elves.

Then we see Fumba being an asshole. He feeds one of his girls to some monsters.

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