Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 11 review - Hange's Team vs. Floch's Yeagerists!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following up right after the end of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 10, Connie has just killed his former comrades, Samuel and Daz. Reiner and Annie as Armored Titan and Female Titan kill way more Yeagerists than that.

Meanwhile, the Azumabito people explain to Hange and Magath that it will take a half a day to a day to get the airship flying. There’s no way their team can hold off the Yeagerists that long, as titans can’t stay transformed very long. And Yeagerist reinforcements might keep coming.

By Hange’s calculations, in half a day, the Rumbling will already be 600 kilometers inland. And in 4 days, the whole continent could be destroyed. For certain, Liberio would be destroyed.

Kiyomi suggests going to an Azumabito hangar off the coast of Marley, reaching it before the Rumbling hits. And servicing the airship there. So they need to take a regular ship by water to get there, towing the airship with them. Hange agrees to this plan.

Hange tells Mikasa, and Mikasa tells Annie.

Floch’s forces see the Azumabito on the run, and he knows they must be killed. But Mikasa and Hange kill his men.

Female Titan and Armored Titan do their best to shield the Azumabito, but they get ripped to shreds by Thunder Spears in the process.

Floch pumps up his men with a speech that they have to destroy the ship no matter what. To save Eren and their island.

Falco sees Annie and Reiner getting overwhelmed. He wants to help by transforming into the Jaw Titan, but Cart Titan tells him not to. He runs off to do it anyways. Pieck will go after him once he gets her group to the ship safely.

Just when you think it can’t get any more difficult, Yeagerist back-up starts making its way to the dock by train. Hange and Mikasa worry about it for a second… before it gets blown to kingdom come by a mysterious force! Well, that was easy.

Connie, Mikasa and Jean end up killing a bunch of Yeagerists in a very cool fluid action sequence. They feel terrible about it but they know they have no choice.

The Yeagerists seem endless, and Pieck and the others are running out of steam. That’s when Falco transforms! Into a very falcon-like Jaw Titan.

Floch tries to take them all on, with his goal firing a Thunder Spear into the ship. Something they could have done a hundred times by now if the Yeagerists hadn’t used them against their enemy, but whatever. Anyways, he’s stopped cold by a sniper bullet from Gabi. He falls in the water and appears to die.

Mikasa kicks some major ass.

Falco goes crazy. Pieck holds him down while Magath cuts him out of the titan.

And everyone gets away on the ship!

Except for Magath. Who heroically stays behind to hold off the enemy from pursuing. And sabotages the last ship that could tail them.

But he’s not alone. Shadis appears. A total stranger to Magath, but now his comrade. He was the one in the window who saw them escaping in the wagons. And he was the one who blew up the train of Yeagerists.

We see both old men have so much in common. Right before they blow themselves up.

Later, Annie learns the terrible news that they won’t be able to save Liberio (and her father) in time. She almost gives up, but Hange points out that Magath kept fighting even knowing it would be too late for his homeland. To save others.

In truth though, Annie doesn’t want to fight anymore. She doesn’t want to kill anymore. Not even Eren.

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