Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 10 Review - Armin Tries to Trick Floch

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 9, Hange’s group scouts the harbor. It’s filled with Yeagerists who captured the Azumabito people. Then Hange and Magath notice crazy steam rising in the distance, meaning Colossal Titans have already made landfall at Marley and started their destruction.

At the same time, Annie talks with Reiner, Connie, Armin, Mikasa and Jean. She says they must quickly kill the Yeagerists to get their hands on the airship. But they don’t want to, as these were their former comrades. Also, Mikasa points out they need to be careful to rescue the Azumabito along with getting the airship.

So Annie questions them, how do they expect to win if they’re not willing to kill. Pieck says it’s the only way. Connie still doesn’t want to, so Annie says she and the willing ones will fight without them.

Magath and Hange join up with them. Hange’s resolve is solid, and she says she will kill Yeagerists if needed to save humanity. She also tells reports about the Titans’ steam rising.

Magath feels desperate now and tries to torture Eren’s destination out of Yelena. Magath is brought back to his senses. And he apologizes to Connie, Armin, Mikasa, and Jean about what he said in the previous episode. He says he has no right to hold them responsible for sins of the past. He then bows, asking them to turn away as they kill their comrades.

But Armin says he won’t let Magath’s side be the only ones with blood on their hands.

Meanwhile, Floch kills off another hostage and holds a gun up to Kiyomi’s head.

Suddenly, Armin interrupts and yells out to Floch on horseback. He tries to convince Floch of a lie that he’s on the Yeagerists’ side, pursuing the fleeing Armored Titan and Cart Titan. He demands they use the Azumabito to prepare the airship, to use to pursue the Titans. Floch is like, what… this doesn’t make sense. Basically, he’s not buying it.

Connie and Armin continue to try to lie their way out of this, to Daz and Samuel who are guarding the airship. Which has been rigged with explosives. Daz and Samuel are weirded out but they want to believe Connie and Armin wouldn’t want to help their enemies, the Marleyans, who aimed to destroy their homeland.

Floch almost kills another Azumabito, but Kiyomi is able to stop him. Then Mikasa jumps in to keep the Azumabito safe. Floch is able to get outside and sound the alarm: Mikasa and Armin are traitors that need to be killed! The Yeagerists start firing tons of Thunder Spears. Magath, Hange, and Jean meet up with Mikasa to protect the Azumabito.

Meanwhile, Samuel shoots Armin right in the cheek and stomach, but he’s still alive. Samuel then aims at Connie, but two Titan transformations go off, distracting him. That’s when Connie wrestles him to the ground.

Armored Titan and Female Titan start killing Yeagerists. And Connie, filled with regret, kills off Samuel and Daz with the gun. Armin and Connie remember Bertholdt saying that someone has to do this horrible killing.

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